Rev. Carol Borkoski

Angel Wolf Wellness Center

"You got what it takes To be a Medium and or Psychic"


Aug. 12th 2017  from 1:30-4:30pm 

fee $40 Pre-registeration required call 1-304-615-0262

Hosted by Maryanne Sims

Angel Wolf Healing Center

1903 Grand Central Ave. 3rd floor

Vienna WV

taught by Rev. Carol E Borkoski


Class will cover:

Awareness of your 5 senses that we use to receive messages.

Meditation to meet your angels or guides that help you with this journey.

Angel oracle card readings

Tools of Mediumship

Give and receive messages from Spirit.


August 12th
1:30-4:30 pm

1903 Grand Central Ave,
3rd floor

Vienna, WV

12:00 Angel Wolf Wellness

Energy Healing and you

1:00 Anne and Brenda 

Ask a Psychic???

2:00 Sunessa Toole        Access Bars your road to well being

3:00 Kathryn Pape 

Color and Sound Therapy

4:00 Carol E Borkoski 

Messages from Spirit

Thank you Carol E Borkoski and Maryann Sims

Holistic Health & Psychic Fair
June 3rd 2017 
Time 11-5pm
Angel Wolf Wellness Center
1903 Grand Central Ave 3rd floor
Vienna, WV

Phone 1-304-615-0260

Hosted by Carol E Borkoski and Maryann Sims
Admission $3.00,  Free Lectures Starting at noon

Professional Mediums and Psychics - all reading $25.00

(Readers for entertainment only)
Vendors for all your needs; selling candles, books, stones, Jewelry, cards, incense, angel art and more. Body Therapies including Access Bars, Reiki and other modalities. 

Vendor space available call MaryAnn Sims

Pat Beers                     Clairvoyant  Psychometry
Carol E Borkoski            Angel Medium Healing Readings
Brenda Brand                Medical Intuitive    Medium   Psychic
Dolly Grady                   Psychic     Tarot
Rachel Gump                 Medium    Psychic
Aeson Knight                 Psychic      Tarot
Iris Matos                      Animal Communicator   Tarot
Anne Miller                    Gemstones  Angels  Medium