Rev. Carol Borkoski

October 29th 2016 - Athens, Ohio

List of Readers:

Anne Miller Gemstone/Medium

Brenda Brand

Medical Intuitive/Psychic
Heather Tarot
Dolly Grady Psychic/Clairvoyant
Carol Borkoski Angel Medium Readings



Kay MacKinnon Vibration Energy

Soul Connections
Aeson Knight more about Aeson, in the right column
Robin Coiner Harmonious Wellness Options through Energy Medicines
Maryann Sims Reiki Master, Chakra Balancing, Crystal and Gemstone Jewelry
James Burda Body Therapy
Rose Jewelry
Ron Docie Personal Growth and Wellness Workshops
Katherine Pape Sound and Color Practitioner and an Inner Chromotorlogist
Julie Cain

Earth is Eden
Spirit Art-artwork that sends you messages from the spirit world.
Reiki-healing your body through natural healing.

Kate Honeycutt
Animal Communicator - Communicating with animal companions to resolve issues and provide information on their well being.

Ohio Bath Solutions
Brandi Dixon 13 Moons jewelry, candles, stones and more
Sue Zano Astrology

Sue Zano

She has been practicing Astrology since 1970   and her practice has evolved with the principles of Evolutionary Astrology which is choice centered.  Evolutionary Astrology recognizes reincarnation and Karma and that the individual is responsible for how they embody their birth chart. There is a karmic story inside every chart and she uses that in understanding the individual.
     Sue’s background in the Natural Foods Industry has taught her a lot about health and healing and the connection between food and health.  She uses and understands supplements and encourages others to eat the highest quality foods they can find.   Sue grows a lot of her own food and studies soil balancing to create nutrient dense foods.     She does professional readings at her home and her contact information is:  (740) 992-7525  or

Dolly Grady

Dolly Grady 1-740-769-2255
Clairvoyant Readings

Messages from your angels and guides to assist you an uplift Your life’s journey. As she unfolds the worries of your life, With love, understanding and accuracy.

Dolly also is a well known Spiritual Artist her picture of your soul’s life is worth a 1,000 words.


Answers your questions?
Love ?
Health ?

Kathryn Pape
Kathryn Pape – may be found at .   A Sound and Color Practitioner and an Inner Chromotologist- one who studies color movement through living tissue forming our physical sensations. She provides balancing opportunities to persons through Solfeggio tuning forks. She build awareness of rising frequencies in colors, sounds and consciousness:  New Thinking, New Chakra colors and New sounds in Solfeggio tones- leading us into the 5th dimension....  Her new book “Harmonious Communication with Yourself” and 2 CDs, a narrative of a tuning experience and a non-narrative “Solfeggio and Me” will be available for purchase.                
13 Moons )O(
We offer a wide variety of magical items, such as Hem Incense, Resin Incense, Gem Stones & Crystals, Pagan & Witchy Jewelry, Herbs, Smudges, Oils, Candles, Ritual Supplies, Altar Décor, Books, & Home Décor. We also hand make a lot of our items so product availability & selection will vary on some items.
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Oct. 29th 2016

 11-5 pm


701 E. State Street
Athens, Oh 45701

Driving Directions


Admission $5

April 23rd 2016

 11-5 pm


701 E. State Street
Athens, Oh 45701

Driving Directions


Admission $5

11:00am- 5:00pm

Lecture Schedule



11:00   Eric Schatz 
“Healing Tones Blessings”

11:45   Ron Docie 
“Hypnosis and Mind Control”

12:30   Carol Weakland presents “Avalon”

1:15   Kathryn Pape 
“New Chakra Colors” miracles through sound and color.

2:00   Maryann Sims  “Crystals”

2:45   Sue Zano 
“Moon and Moon Signs”

3:30   Kay MacKinnon
“Healing with Zero Point Energy and Amethyst Biomat”

4:00   Carol and Friends “Messages from Spirit”

Clairvoyant, Medium
Kay MacKinnon
Vibrational Energy Healer removing blockages to relieve pain, discomfort and support healing.  Offering Zero Point Energy, Shamballa Reiki, and Amethyst Bio mat.
Robin Coiner
providing Harmonious Wellness Options through Energy medicines. Healing modalities include “Access Consciousness, The Bars”, “QuantumPathic Energy Healing”, “Yuen Method”, “Reiki”, “Qigong”, and Essential Oils. She can be reached at
Aeson Knight

Master Psychic

Tarot Reader
3rd Generation Reader
...more about Aeson


Love is to touch and heal the soul....Rev. Carol E Borkoski

As a medium, reader and teacher Carol is here to be of service to God, Angels, you and your deceased loved ones and pets. Receiving messages filled with love, guidance, light and laughter, know love last forever heals many wounds.
I have the opportunity to work with many wonderful gifted teachers and experienced many angelic intervention and activations.

I love seeing people's lives change as they receive messages of love and light from their angels and deceased loved ones and pets
**This list is subject to change, because this is life and we are all human **